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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
So my questions is, after I get my hat, what should I be doing, other than waiting for guild members to reach 50 to heal through their HMFPs?
That's pretty much it, I've been pretty well geared on my smugglers for a while, but am still very active in operations (and HMFPs to a much lesser extent) while others are gearing up (granted we are doing hard/nightmare these days).

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
How do I know when I'm ready for the next level of Ops? Is it only gear related and when I get the last piece, my hat, I'm ready?
Yes and no. There are many variables, one being the team. If the team is mostly decently geared then one or two can be under geared. Just two weeks ago we took two freshly level 50s through EV hardmode (well till Soa, he takes a bit of coordination that they didn't have yet, which brings me to the next point). Skill can make up for gear. I healed hard mode EV the day after I hit 50 (the main healer was a good healer and I did have full orange gear with daily armorings).
But the absolute best way to tell? Try and see

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Provide people don't stand in lava.
lol. Yeah I guess to add to my above "are you ready for the next level," as a healer, it also depends on your team. If people are constantly taking stupid damage then even the best healer is going to struggle.
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