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Originally Posted by igyman View Post
I like most of what's been shown so far. Although, having read all five books in the meantime, I do have minor issues with some "loose interpretations" by the TV show writers.
Same. I know that Martyn is closely by the production team and is under every direction they choose to take, but I sincerely hope some of the choices the TV series seem to be taking (some are pretty radical changes) don't impact Martyn's two future. He wrote on A Dance with Dragons that he's already having some trouble keeping up with all the lore. Fortunately, he isn't getting short of dedicated fans and fangroups all around the world to help him out with the task anytime soon, but you got to admit it may be getting harder to wrap it all up.

When it comes to new characters, I think they did a great job with the casting choice for Davos Seaworth, but Stannis could be better (I think the actor playing Stannis would have been much better in the role of Janos Slynt). Melisandre is OK, Balon Greyjoy is pretty much what I imagined and Salador San was surprisingly entertaining. Xaro Xoan Daxos might not be what I imagined, but I think the actor is doing a good job nonetheless.
Again, agreed on all accounts. I know that the actor DOES looks like Martyn description of Stannis, but I tend to create personal templates of them in my head depending of their personality. As "gaunt" as he is repeatedly described as, I kinda miss the "strong jaw" and... I'm not certain, an even more serious face. I don't know, no one but Davos and Melisandre and Davos's son and Stannis's squire were supposed to like him anyway, so if we don't think he's charismatic, he's on the right path.

The characters of old are still excelent, not so sure about some of Sansa's scene, but overrall great. The new characters are pretty good as well, special mentions for Ygritte, Davos (supreme, one of the most beloved characters on the books and now on the series as well, and the guy hasn't even read the books because he wants to discover his character as he goes but still managed to explain Davos-Stannis relationship in a paragraph in better ways than I could in a certain interview), Xaro, and Brienne, who definetly looks the part.

Of the recurring scenes I enjoy the most are two plain, but filled with sagacity and tension, conversations: Tyrion and the Spider on the Red Keep and Arya and Tywin, on Harrenhal - minor spoiler for A Clash of Kings below:
even though those last series of conversation never happened on the books. I wonder if for the TV they wanted to give both Arya and Tywin more screentime, seeing as they're both excellent.


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