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Star Wars The Phantom Menace Windows 7 Problem


I got this problem with my old star wars game the phantom menace, this is one of the first games i ever played and i have many fine memories from it, i also replay it once a year, last time was very early 2011 back then i had windows xp. It installed and played fine without problems on xp.

Now its gone over a year since i played it and was going to try again and now i have windows 7.

So when i put in the cd( I still got the old box with the cd in pretty good shape a few scratches but nothing serious that would make it unplayable, but when i put in the cd and press "install" i get this message:

After searching around on Every single forum i found, i found out that you could use virtual pc (VMware Player) and install windows xp with an old cd , and i still had my xp cd left so i installed it.

when i started the virtual pc i tried to install the game and it worked it installed witout problems, but when i started it up it was very laggy and unplayable,
So after searching a little again i found out that the virtual pc wasn't made for playing games on. well i wasn't quite happy after that but i had still got a little bit further a solution because now i had been able to install the game in the xp mode and i had the the game file on an usb.

Now i Found this "blog"

i been trying to follow those steps and do the same but it wont work , i dont know if am doing anything wrong here. Now i would need some help first of all if anyone still here have this game on windows 7 and is able to play , i have seen people write that they are playing the game on windows 7 so i know it works but i dont know how.

There are a few people left on this forum and some of you must be playing with windows 7 64-bit Please help me i really wanna play this game again Please.

Maybe someone know how to do the method from the blog but still if i success with the method there were still a few people who wrote comments (if you scroll down) and they were saying they coudnt get the game to load more then 10 % and then nothing happend ?,. So Please any idea on how to be able to play the game again?.
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