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And...we have a beta!

Whoo hoo!

The work is far from over, but all the actual programming and scripting is done. I still need to go through all the superficial stuff. This includes :

- Retexturing. I'd say most of the textures are already done but some of the modules could do with some work.
- Voice acting. What I have done up to this point is used computer generated voices and added them into the game temporarily. This means that from now, rather than doing all the work with adding them in game, with lip files and the correct name, all I have to do is get people to record the lines, have the actors name them correctly, and when they send them I just have to drop them in the right folder. So basically I don't personally have to do anymore VO work myself as long as the files sent to me are named correctly.

A handful of the parts have already been recorded by actual people though, so that's good.

- The movies. My animation skills have come a long way since 1.0. The next big fun job for me will be putting together some cool looking battle scenes.

And, yes this means I'll be able to put together a nice little trailer.

Beta testers

I'm going to play through the entire game myself first (hopefully just a few days), but after that I will be looking for a handful of beta testers to play through the game for me. I'm not looking just yet, so don't volunteer, but if you're interested start thinking about whether or not you can really do it.

Remember, beta testing isn't just a case of 'i get to play it before everyone else'. A level of serious commitment will be needed. You will be expected to play the mod with a notepad by your side, stopping to make articulate notes every couple of minutes, then type the entire thing up and send it to me.

There is a good chance you could be sending me the equivalent of a small essay! Consider carefully whether you want to do this or not.

Help I need right now

1) The first job I could use some help with right away is adding more player characters. I'm looking for as many as I can get, male and female.

If you want to have a go but don't have any experience doing it, I'll help how I can. I did write the tutorial on this :

If you made one yourself for your own mod and want to allow me to use it, this would also make me very happy.

2) Underpants! Or more precisely, I am after some good underwear textures for many of the characters, including the player characters. Send me some if you can.

I think that's all for the time being. I now need to use Kotortool to compile about a hundred modules.

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