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My opinion on the video game industry

I am 15 years old and I have to say, I am enjoying gaming less and less, to the point where I don't really enjoy it at all. It is now purely to pass the time, not to actually have fun. Getting older might have something to do with it but I had a think, as I am not the only one. I think games are starting to fail because genres keep using the same old formula and/or dying totally.

The single player RPG is dying. This is because good single player RPG universes, such as the Elder Scrolls, are going the way of the MMO. The MMO appears to be a gold mine for developers, with everyone making one, but they are also failing, as they are using the same 'bog standard grind-quests with team based PvE and PvP endgame' formulas. Innovation isn't really anywhere to be found anymore, and many people are enjoying gaming less and less because of it.

Also, novelty. When World of WarCraft came out, there were not many MMOs of such quality around. Now, it's steadily losing subscribers. Why? Personally, I think it is the novelty of the MMO. The MMO is and was a new concept in the late 90s (I think?) and everyone loved the idea of it. But because we've had Everquest and Guild Wars and World of Warcraft for years, people are getting bored of them.

So, there is the influx of MMOs, which, looking at the bigger picture, are not all that great. This is a problem in itself.

There is also the lack of good game series' that people look forward to. E.g. Mass Effect is over. Gears of War is over. With this, what remains are various Shooter and Sports games. So, many people such as myself, who are not part of that audience, are losing interest in gaming.
So, MMOs and dead genres combined with no innovation/no 'novelty/new' things, I can honestly say I do not get excited about gaming as I used to. I don't enjoy gaming as I used to. To be honest, it all just seems like work now, if we're talking extremes.

I have sort of rambled with my own thought here, so if it reads incoherent, I apologise.

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