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Originally Posted by Red Hessian View Post
Your problem, gentlemen, is that you played a PC game that was ported to the consoles. Now you know how PC gamers feel about most of today's "video games" a.k.a. console ports.

I agree with Taak Farst about the single player RPG genre dying out. It wouldn't surprise me if this was perhaps the last generation of solid, quality SPRPG's (Skyrim, Witcher 2, etc.). Although I'll wait untill they announce Witcher 3.
Didn't catch this post, but gameplay was horrible, I thought. While this can be blamed on the port, I think the TRUE let down was the story, and Geralt. Namely, in the fact he showed absolutely no emotion throughout the game. Geralt changing his tone of voice was quite a rare thing. Noone even cares about the Assassin of Kings post-Flotsam really too. Or at least you dont feel it
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