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I can remember the exact point at which I began to be horribly disappointed in the current crop of games: Mass Effect 2. I LOVED the first Mass Effect, and slogged through the awkward Mako vehicle sections on my PC countless times just so I could find out the secret of Sovereign again and again (and pair with a certain asari scientist again and again). I had to have Charm and Intimidation skills to get the dialogue options I wanted, and went full-bore on both. Then Mass Effect 2 came along--and tossed all of that in the garbage!!!

No Persuade Checks. Just 3 options: Hero, Neutral, and Anus-Hole. Fantastic.

Right now, I'm replaying Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. I LOVE that game. The graphics are early Cro-Magnon, but the dialogue is simply phenomenal. It's also one of the few games where you get to beat the final boss through persuasion if you have the right stats (very difficult to get!)

Now...*sigh* Even if you're a roleplayer, break out the heavy artillery...

I once read an article that said today's gamers (meaning kids and teens) don't read the text when they play games, or even listen to the NPC dialogue. I do, but then again, I'm 32 years old and prefer my characters to have options for conversations besides "Yeah", "Maybe" and "No Way, Jose". Also, what's with all these awesome games (like the adventure title Hard Rain) NOT being for PC? That makes me so mad! I could have had so much fun playing it...

When's the next die-hard RPG coming out?
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