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I'm not sure there is anything disastrously wrong with the gaming industry, or at least nothing that isn't being fixed. For a long while I thought the increasing cost of making games was killing innovation (if you have to sell a million to make a profit, you don't take risks), but digital distribution seems to be taking care of that. If you have a good idea for a game and is willing to spend evenings after work making that game, digital distribution gives you a way to sell it. Sure, we probably won't go back to the time were risky ideas got turned into games with top of the line graphics and polish, but that's a small price to pay (in my opinion) for the sheer number of games and ideas being produced right now. I don't think games have ever been filled with more innovation than now, it just isn't in the AAA titles.

There's plenty of RPG's out now that innovative: Din's Curse, Mount&Blade, Hinterlands etc
Sure, they aren't AAA, but they are fun, and hopefully their game mechanicswill be pinched by AAA developers once they are proven to work.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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