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The Force Unleashed II Game Save Will Not Recognize USB Drive.

Hello everyone.

I recently decided to relent and buy a copy of The Force Unleashed II for my PS3. While not the best game by any stretch I still have had some fun with it being the Star Wars geek I am (and frustration with the challenges). However I have run into an annoying problem I have yet to run into with any other game for the Playstation 3. While I can back up my game save via an upload to Sony's servers with Playstation Plus I usually also back up those same saves on a USB drive. Sadly with TFU II however it will not recognize any of my stick drives. I have used both to back up other game saves including the original Force Unleashed but for some reason I guess Lucasarts decided to copy protect this one or something. Is there any way around this? I would appreciate at least an explanation if anyone else has encountered this problem.
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