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Colshin, was adamant about the name: "NEW OLD REPUBLIC: THE FALLEN EMPIRE." "New Old Republic" was his idea, "The Fallen Empire" was my contribution.
UPDATE [6/8/12]: Concept art has been released! Check for releases under my album - "New Old Republic: The Fallen Empire."
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UPDATE [7/20/13]: Kr1ffing_Br1lliant has joined our team! He will be doing concept art.
UPDATE [7/31/13]: Fallen Guardian has joined our team! He will be a cowriter, as well as a potential skinner!
UPDATE [7/31/13]: Paddy Garcia has joined our team! He will be a cowriter.

This is not a mod this will run on a completely separate engine. Colshin is the main engineer of this project; he introduced the idea of creating KotOR III on a separate engine and is in charge of coding the game itself. I'm the lead writer and concept-artist.

Plot - 100%
Storyline - 60% (Characters [with concept sketches], Events, Sequence, Planets, Etc)
Dialogue - 0.2%
Classes - 70% (background, attributes, skills, feats, powers, so on)
Writing System - 60% (Classes^, Damage, Items, so on)

Click this.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...


Four years after the conclusion of the DARK WARS, the GALACTIC REPUBLIC has gained a delicate stability. Previous conflicts have strained the REPUBLIC'S resources and the once revered JEDI COUNCIL has faded into memory.

Unbeknownst to the recovering REPUBLIC, remnants of DARTH REVAN'S SITH EMPIRE, unyielding insurrectionists, and warring criminal organizations vie for GALACTIC SUPREMACY.

In an effort to palliate these hidden threats, covert reinforcements approach the surface of ORD MANTELL…

Prior to the Mandalorian Wars, the Republic, scarred from the occurrences of Exar Kun's Great Sith War, established a police force tasked with preventing another galactic conflict. Nobody anticipated, however, that a threat from the Unknown Regions - the Mandalorians - would so rapidly invade and terrorize Republic space. Shortly after the appearance of this new enemy, Republic reformed its military, transforming its police forces into army soldiers sent to combat the Mandalorian threat.

Some elite policemen, however, were recruited by a secret organization named, "Areani", an intelligence-seeking organization that spearheaded the fight against criminals and terrorists in a conflict overshadowed by the Mandalorian Wars and known only to a few as, "The Great Conspiracy". Though uncredited, Areani and its affiliates successfully safeguarded the Republic's political and economic health from internal threats and factions: namely, the Exchange, the Hutt Cartel, and other factions I will not spoil for the sake of the story.

You will play a character that, during the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil Wars, fought in The Great Conspiracy as a Republic Elite Ranger - most of which were disavowed and turned into Republic Commandos sent to the frontlines. You led a task force and stopped what would have been the most brutal attack against the Republic's foundation and what would have severely crippled the Republic's war effort and chances against the Mandalorians. Yet, despite your previous heroism, betrayal and corruption have caused you to question your allegiances…

Ord Mantell
Nal Hutta
Yavin IV
Dromund Kaas


Our plan is to release a beta version of the game that will only incorporate the main storyline. After feedback regarding the plot and engine - bugs, plotholes, etc. - we will release a full version with the side planets and extra quests.

Lieutenant-Commander Kory
Female Human | Soldier
A sense of duty and dedication to whoever might be in need of her service makes it obvious that Kory has more incentive to fight than credits. The Lieutenant-Commander's skills and motivations will be important to the battles you fight, as well as the battles you pick.

Major Thilian (Temporary)
Female Human | Soldier
Despite all the suspicion and dirt you may have accumulated over the years, Major Thilian has always placed trust in your actions. How you choose to use or abuse that trust will affect the Republic's survival.

Colonel Desh (Temporary)
Male Human | Soldier
An efficient commander and the leader of Republic intelligence on Ord Mantell, Desh will do whatever it takes to see that the Republic prevails.

Kile Gunter
Male Mirialan | Scout
This bounty hunter was once among the most feared in the galaxy. A failed mission, however, caused him to change his view on what he once thought was an "easy galaxy to live in"; now pursued by the Hutts, Kile knows not where to go.

Masculine Droid | Assassin
Something about this unit will seem familiar... Don't know what though.

Bala Nisi
Female Kiffar | Jedi Archiver
Although her time in the halls of the Jedi Library have hindered her skill with a lightsaber, Morgana's vast knowledge of Jedi history and adeptness with the Force will make her a powerful asset to your squad.

Male Human | Jedi Watchman
Having fought for both sides in the Great Sith War between the Jedi Council and Exar Kun's Brotherhood of the Sith, Vargas possesses experience and wisdom that will be invaluable not only for the Council's efforts, but also for your own.

Naresha Katarsis
Female Nagai | Scoundrel
Trained by the Zeison Sha, Naresha is a ruthless, cold, efficient, and tactical individual. She is skilled in various areas of warfare - survival, espionage, and most notably, assassination.

Talia Szin
Female Twi'lek/Zeltron Hybrid | Scout
A victim of atrocity, Talia is well-aware of the underground brutality that now seemingly transcends the order that has long been promoted by the Galactic Republic. Leading her gang called, "Vice", Talia will assist you in your fight against criminality in the galaxy.

Cravvus Thao
Male Zabrak | Cyborg Engineer
Cravvus' brilliant mind is unfortunately overshadowed by the poor reputation of his company - Czerka Corporation. He believes, however, that Czerka can turn itself around and capitalize on its potential to positively impact the galaxy.

Cyrus Vark
Male Miraluka | Assassin
A heavily modified individual, Cyrus possesses traits that even the greatest of warriors lack. At the same time, however, Cyrus is unaware of where his true loyalties lie. Will you steer him toward the light? Or will you drive him down the path of darkness and destruction?

Canderous Ordo
Male Human | Soldier
The Mandalorian is back and as loyal as ever. He remains vigilant in his efforts to unite the Mandalorian clans and preserve their honor... as well as his own.

Scrivener (Freeware Version: LyX)
Writing and organizing the Story Bible - including plot, characters, factions, locations, storyline, etc.

OmniGraffle Pro (Freeware Version: yEd)
Writing dialogue and sequences.

Microsoft Excel (Freeware Versions: LibreOffice, Open Office, Kingsoft Office)
Creating charts for Classes, Characters, Levels, Abilities, Feats, etc.

Microsoft Word (Freeware Versions:LibreOffice, Open Office, Kingsoft Office))
inalizing and publishing the Story Bible

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