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TOR ate my KotOR
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Went on another hard mode ops last night and the difference in the group was apparent. Great bunch of people, but nowhere near as well equipped as my last group. Last time we burned through both EV and KP with no problem, in the time it took this group to get to Soa, the last had completed both HM EV and HM KP. Pretty telling when my healer has the 3rd highest HP in the group and only 200 HP lower than the off tank. Not going to say we couldn’t complete it, but Soa got lucky that we ran out of time.

My question is: I never spent so much time in EV stuck in the mind trap, so is it random who goes into the mind trap or does it have anything to do formula that considers HP/armoring?

It is really hard to heal the group when stuck in a mind trap or being flung around the room bouncing off walls. The second is the worse, at least in a mind trap I can use diagnostic scan to build energy back up. Not sure if we were just under equipped or just had bad luck. Once I got flung around the room right as the floors dropped, so I could not get to my place before the floors dropped. Another time, I died because we took too long and I was bringing up the rear making our way down. Someone died and I used resurrect and was healing them so they would die on the next jump…just took too long. The others deaths were largely due to both healers being in mind traps too often and too long at the same time.

First time I saw this last night too. I hit a commando with a +5000 heal (with use of an adrenal), but he got no healing, he took +5000 damage at the same time. This happened twice, both times while solving the puzzle. Not sure if that was a bug or not, because I find that very hard to believe because there was nothing pounding on him at the time…the bad guy was pounding me at the time.

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