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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
My question is: I never spent so much time in EV stuck in the mind trap, so is it random who goes into the mind trap or does it have anything to do formula that considers HP/armoring?
As far as anyone knows, it is random. TECHNICALLY the tank (or person at the top of the threat list) is not supposed to get mind trapped. 99% sure that was in the "patch notes" way back (before 1.2), yet it still happens.

I don't like to blame wipes on "being unlucky" but in this fight, sometimes there is no other explanation, like if someone gets a lightning ball and then is being tossed immediately after (to then die in mid flight).

As a developer, I would think they should add some "this person just got a lightning ball, they are off the random pick list for the next effect." but what do I know.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
First time I saw this last night too. I hit a commando with a +5000 heal (with use of an adrenal), but he got no healing, he took +5000 damage at the same time. This happened twice, both times while solving the puzzle. Not sure if that was a bug or not, because I find that very hard to believe because there was nothing pounding on him at the time…the bad guy was pounding me at the time.
My guess is a "bug," haven't seen this one before.
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