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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
I didn't like the last episode. Too much time spent on the battle, and no story development.
Originally Posted by igyman View Post
Tyrion was awesome, as always. And so was Bron. Davos had a relatively small apprearance, but I guess they might have left something for the last episode. Can't wait to see the resolution with Arya and H'Gar (one of the best minor characters in the second book, IMO).
Gotta agree on both accounts. But everyone's expectations were so high there was little chance of they reaching it.

I was actually a little disappointed with the battle, overall. The hack'n slashing was fine but I missed a certain green demon whipping the ships aflame on the Blackwater...

It also seems Tyrion might not
lose half his nose, judging from the blow he was dealt.
Let's see how he turns out next episode.


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