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Originally Posted by Q View Post
Yeah, you'll have to patch the games. Just follow the instructions in the second post of this thread and you should be fine. Since you have an Nvidia GPU the problems should be minimal.

As far as your screen resolution is concerned, check out the Widescreen Gaming Forum. Their UniWS utility will work on KotOR 1, and there is a patcher by Squ1zZy for KotOR 2. Don't forget the HUD files for both games.
Thanks for the quick reply!
Had some unexpected time (insomnia = no sleep sometimes) to read through, and it seems like you've been a huge help to everyone here.

I did see how a few members were able to just do the XP Comp. install on Windows 7, and it worked fine.
I may have missed it, but any word on why some just needed to do a XP Comp. install, and others needed to do a full patch?

Definitely loving this nVidia-powered computer.
Had it a few months for some advanced algorithm modeling for mathematics, and finally got into games. Got it to run Crysis 2 in full specs with a 35fps rate. Not bad!
Hoping to get some spectacular results with KOTOR and TSL.

Anywor don my second question though Q? About Team Gizka and their downloads?
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