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Nightmares on Gehenna

Please comment when you've read!

Note: The prologue is rewritten. The first chapter will follow soon. Enjoy the story!

The trees moved in the downwash the aircraft created, the grass being uprooted by the enormous force of wind the turbines of the aircraft created. It hung above the ground for some time, when it slowly landed on the ground. Several marines swarmed out of the aircraft and checked the area for hostiles, holding their submachine guns firm in their hands and looking behind every bush and tree.

One of the soldiers waved to the pilot that the place was clear of hostiles. The pilot nodded and he moved the aircraft up, floating several feet above the ground to check and he floated above the ground level for a minute, scanning for hostiles. marines, flying above the clouds to ensure no Can’Tores riders followed them. The Can’Tores rode on great winged beasts which could bring down a gunship in no time with its claws.

‘’Marines! We’re here to retrieve the artifact, so get moving!’’ The sergeant said. He had a assault rifle instead of a submachine gun, though most soldiers preferred a lighter weapon on Gehenna, for the sake of speed and movement.

‘’Sarge, why is a artifact so important? I don’t see how some old stones can help us win this war.’’ The corporal said. He had some doubts about this mission, and not only about the high concentration of Can’Tores forces in the area. A weird smell was around this particular part of the jungle.

‘’The artifact holds everything about the Can’Tores’ culture, if command is correct. The information we might retrieve from it can be very useful in our fight.’’ The sergeant answered.

He suddenly stopped and pointed his weapon a a tree, as if something dangerous was there. Then, several Can’Tores jumped out of the trees and clever hiding spots in the grass and threw themselves on the marines. Some of them used blades, cutting right through the armor of the marines, who were utterly outnumbered. The corporal emptied a magazine on several of them, but they kept coming. He dodged a blade and shot the attacker through the head with his gun.

‘’Quick! To the temple!’’ The sergeant yelled, moments before being impaled by a sharpened stick in the weak spot of his armor: his neck.

The corporal shot another enemy, before being hit by a arrow. His armor easily repulsed the arrow, only leaving some scratches. He saw the archer in a tree and he zoomed with his visor onto his target. He pulled the trigger and three bullets launched from the barrel. They hit the archer in the chest, and he fell from the tree onto the ground.

The corporal and the surviving marines ran to the temple as fast as they could. They reached a locked door and they desperately tried to open it. The Can’Tores advanced and they killed another marine by pulling his helmet off and beating him to death. The corporal noted that he was out of ammunition and he grabbed his combat knife. He slit the throat of one of them, when he felt a excruciating pain in his neck. An arrow had hit him there and he fell on his knees. The last thing he saw was a Can’Tores moving towards him with a sharpened bone. Then everything went black.

Laurus Military Codex's entry on Can’Tores:

Can’Tores were cruel, savage and primitive. They used bone armor, painted with blood. They were zealots and called Gehenna their ‘mother’, brutally murdering every unworthy being that set foot on the planet. And humans were unworthy. They would have left the planet long ago if there wasn’t something valuable on the planet. Deep under the jungle readings showed a large concentration of a element unknown to humanity until now. It provided more energy than uranium, it was cleaner than coal, and a small piece of it could power a fighter-sized aircraft for a week.

The Can’Tores were natives to the planet, and they built great temples and monuments for the Mother. But most of what once was are ruins now. And this was not caused by the arrival of humanity on the planet, since the ruins already existed when humans first set foot on Gehenna, five years ago. Another species came first, and they absorbed the Can’Tores into their mighty empire. Gehenna was annihilated, and the Can’Tores made a satellite species. The space invaders left Gehenna to the remaining Can’Tores however, as a token of their goodwill. The Can’Tores that remained on the planet chose to follow traditions and live the old primitive way, though the ones that were taken were given training and technology in return for their cooperation.

Luckily for the humans, these weren’t on Gehenna. But even primitives could make things hard.

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