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well on notepad it is more simple to do this because there is this:

Saber <Saber's name>
Sabercolor 1 <Type color>
Sabercolor 2 <Type color>

This is useful because you can change the color to green for example. But to have the Qui-gon must download it. After that, with a program called PakScape you can go to ext_data->saber>saber_quigon

then on notepad you edit this:

saber quigon

then you save the file as .npc, open pakscape put it on a pk3 files (ext_data->npcs->quigon <Supposing that your custom npc is there>)

To open a .npc file with Notepad is easy: right-click on the .npc file-> Open With-> Notepad

It is very simple belive me when you open it with notepad you will totally undersant how it works. There you can change is health, force powers, class etc.

If you still dont know how to do this i'll upload a file to you tomorrow when i can acess my laptop.

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