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The Origin warped into the Gehenna's solar system. It was a enormous carrier, able to carry millions of soldiers. It was commissioned by the government to serve as a carrier for the many soldiers that were send to Gehenna. It had no protection but it's GFG (Gravity Field Generator) that redirected any incoming projectiles. But the field had it's limits too, making the carrier vulnerable to a attack.

That was the reason the 51st fleet was send along with the Origin to protect the carrier from possible attacks. The Prospectors seemed to be everywhere, and the Can'Tores were full of surprises.

The Origin entered the atmosphere and opened a communication channel with Paguae Airfield and they sent the docking codes. It took five years to construct the massive airfield, even with the huge amount of manpower, resources and machines. The airfield was the only place the Origin could land. It also served to receive supplies from the LSL (Laurus Supply Liner) ships that landed once a month to bring new equipment to the front.

The Origin deployed it's landing gear and slowly decreased altitude. The pilots carefully landed the massive carrier on the flat asphalt airstrip, which was kilometers long. The wheels touched the ground and the captain braked carefully. The engines were on a low pitch, though they were still provided enough power to move the carrier. The Captain deactivated the engines and the carrier came to a stop. It immediately opened it's doors and dozens of soldiers and vehicles flooded from the carrier. Several officers directed the soldiers to their place and the vehicles to the garages. At least a million soldiers were dropped off, along with thousands of vehicles.

Special Officer Marcel Black was the last of men to leave the carrier. He was put in charge of the operations on Gehenna, after the failure of the previous commander. The government had no time or place for failures and mishaps. Marcel had studied and trained for years. He had received cybernetic implants, which improved his locomotion and capabilities. His mind was still his own though, unlike the modified advisers of the Leader and his government, dubbed Proctors.

He even had his own GFG, though not nearly as powerful or effective as the large-scale GFG's used for military bases and vessels. It provided him with protection that the grunts could only dream of.

He knew that many would die. The Can'Tores had no mercy and had specialized themselves in ambushes. They took advantage of the weak points in the armor of the enemy, impaling soldiers in the neck with their sharpened sticks and shooting them with bows.

Then you had the Prospectors. They had the full technological capabilities that the government had, though not nearly as much resources. But they had soldiers that put the best trained commando of the government to shame. This was why Marcel had been send to Gehenna. His cybernetic improvements and advanced training were needed to make the difference between victory and utter destruction. Marcel hoped that he was able to make a difference.

Hope was the first thing to leave behind on Gehenna.


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