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So I did the entire install exactly as described. About to do my first run.

Never could get the DirectX Redistribution Pack to work. Would try and install, and it would get stuck on the Initialization screen.
Dont think it should be an issue though. After I installed KotOR, it said it detected that I Already had DirectX9.0c installed. Maybe its b/c I have an nVidia card and a gaming-oriented computer??


One small issue is that my update did not work. It would not let me install update 1.0B. Is there a 1.0 I need to install first or something? I have the US version, and I thought that was with the Int. versions only.
Would like to get that update so I have an override folder and can start adding in all of my mods so my game is as complete as possible from the very start

Got about 10 minutes into Peragus and then exited out myself.
Now I just need to fix my resolution. Very small box on my computer screen currently.
Though I have a question. If it needs to be in another thread, let me know, and ill delete and move it.
I need to do the high-res fix so that the game fills my whole screen. Currently it sits in a small box in the middle.
I looked, but I couldn't find one for 1920x1080.
Anyone have a link?

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