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Using an Xbox360 Controller

So Im an avid gamer. And what Im about to ask has probably been asked before (it has) but I never saw a definitive answer.

I like PC gaming for the mods/quality/etc, but I cant stand controlling movement with four keys and a mouse. I love my analog sticks.

So, I was hoping there was someway to map movement/functional buttons onto a Xbox 360 Controller for TSL or KotOR.

Ive done it with many other games (BF, CoD, Halo, etc) and it worked out great.
And looking through the key mapping list in-game, I dont see any difference in functionality. Maybe having to open up the cheatmenu, or when in a computer screen to select options or dialogue.
My main worry is combat. I can't stand this control scheme in combat.

So please, someone tell me there is a way to make TSL and KotOR recognize my Controller when plugged in, and let me map my movement, previous/next target, select target, solo/non-solo mode, pause, menu, etc buttons just like in game.
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