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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
It's unclear how much of that is open gameplay and how much is scripted stuff you have to do, like the signal-hacking in the latter part of the game.
Yeah, some things definitively were but on this particular scene, at least some elements weren't. Like the bystander that witnesses the crash and then proceed to help out on the people in the cars, asking "are you all right?" while trying to get someone out. Unless they scripted that guy there, this at least was the AI being awesome beyond GTA level and I was mesmerized at this and some other details. Personally, this, along with The Last of Us, were among the best shown in the E3, and, coincidentally, those two might end up having vast amounts of scripted events. Or not, which might just be plain amazing and groundbreaking.

As for the shooting in the end, it wasn't that bad: it could have lasted longer and for most of the trailer, instead it was a small bit. And brawling with your fists seems to be an efficient option as well. Plus, could be worse: there could have been an horrendous cover system along with the whole package.

I'm so sold to this game.


.Bioshock inspiration.
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