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Well gotta admit that they had to sneak in shooting/driving at some point, to reassure viewers that it is there. I know a lot of people would feel naked in a game without a gun.

I'm just hoping that it's Deus Exy in that you can play most of the game without having go shooting around and carjacking.

Originally Posted by Lynkster
@ Sabre: I'm sure the PC version will be jacked up to the max like you want it to be.
That's not what I'm talking about. I meant the level of detail in the ambience. There's an incredible amount of animations and conversations that are going on the background while you're walking. That is impressive enough if scripted, but a little unbelievable if it isn't scripted. It'd be more believable if it was like Deus Ex, where you're limited to a hub, but since you have carjacking here, it looks more like a GTA.

I'd go so far as to speculate that this wasn't in-engine and was done in CG to simulate gameplay (They didn't have any messages saying the demo video was in-engine, and IIRC haven't insisted on that, unlike LucasArts).

Edit: Interview by Rock, Paper, Shotgun

The game still sounds absurdly good and detailed. >:/

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