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Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
Do not get the Dead Space dvd's. Just don't - they're horrible. As Lynk says: not Dead Space at all. If you want to be introduced to the franchise, play DS1. Then, if you happen to like the IP, watch the movies to see/learn a little bit more about the universe. But as I said: they're not not that great as movies, either.
Ok. Well if you and Lynk say no, then I suppose I won't even touch the dvd.
I'll just go straight to the game.

I've never even heard of those games..
That's all just one game. Marvel and Acclaim made it a joint production.

It's...okay I guess for being what it is... a 1996 sidescroll action game.

Acclaim IMO dropped the ball hard for buying up Valiant Comics. I think this was the reason Marvel decided to do crossover business with Capcom.

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