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LIVING CONCEPT ART – PHASE 3: - It's a Proof of concept demo created by some very talented HTML5 guys and creatively influenced by Scott

and Mark themsleves that you can play to get a feel for what's in store. Basically When you play this just think about how much more AMAZING it will be once

the Two guys actually start slaving away on the real deal

*after You, me and the rest SEAL This Kickstarter's DEAL!*

Official Press release and animated powerpoint presentation for The Two Guys from Andromeda's SpaceVenture Starring Ace Hardway, Intergalactic Plumber: CHECK

THIS OUT for all the info you need to know about The Two Guys, their new game and more importantly their new company! FUNDED BY YOU! <-- Powerpoint

Also: Cluck Y'Egger Speaks!:

Now I want to give a shout-out to the amazing Space Quest fans that put together this little one-room adventure game in loving support of the Two guys

(creators of space quest of course!) and their Space Venture Kickstarter!

AND: for your convenience the two guys have Created an Official Inventory VIEWER so you can see what your rewards may or may not be depending on your


Speaking of inventory.. Look at dem Buckazoids!:




Want to know what the hell Ken Williams has been up to and hear him reminisce about the good ol' Days of Compuserve and the Imagination Network? OH YEAH YOU DO: <-- *Make sure to check out the Mp3 link if the video's audio isn't working yet! The Space Pope is workin on fixing it!*

Oh look! A Video interview with Ellen GLaDOS Mclain, herself:

THIS is a BIG Item folks: Introducing the official Two Guys from Andromeda REDDIT AMA!!! This was a good one with lots of info to be gleaned for what to

expect from this SpaceVenture:

Remember GLaDOS? Well Her husband joins the fray too! (also a voice actor for this space gig & Don't ask how GLaDOS has a husband):

Did I miss anything? I hope this whets your appetite, shows you how ridiculously hardworking and imaginative these guys have been and makes you want to pledge to the cause or up your pledge even!

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