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Thrillville Quarterly is back!

Hello there, good people of Mojo!

I want to let you know that our fully finished site is up!

I especially encourage you to take a look at Gabez' piece, the rest of it isn't all that great, I know because I wrote it. It is all greatly copy edited though, I know because Haggis did it.
Anyways, do let me know what you think of it.

I'm really up and ready for the next issue and looking for contributors. This time around, I want things to be a bit crazier and more fun, so anyone with ideas for unusual takes on any LucasArts related topic is more than welcome. One thing I'd really like to have this time, is some fiction. Like a Day of The Tentacle story written as a Lovecraft pastiche, or a short story about secondary characters from any game (maybe a story about a gathering of secondary characters from several games). Poetry is just as welcomed.
I'm also looking for an interesting concept for a Star Wars 1313 article.
If you'd like to participate with any of these things, or have your own crazy ideas to propose, let me know!

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