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Question Jedi academy questions - Strange cultists/reborn forcepowers,moves saber styles

Hi guys!I registered here cuz I am burning with the desire to ask a few questions.I have played this game about 10 times,once dark side,to see how it ends,and Ive noticed some interesting stuff
1st - how come the cultist and reborn are able to jump as high as to reach the top of the map(for example on t3_rift)and I can leap only 12 times the normal height?
2nd-on t3_rift after the sabotaged bridge I battled the 3 reborn,one of them died fast but the other two didnt give up easily,so I jumped on a column to wait for their dark rage to pass.But then a red mist appeared around them,separated from them and joined between them in a red cloud,separated in half again and touched the reborn,disappearing!Then with force sense I saw that they were at full health again!At the end I saw Tavion do this by herself,and I wonder what power is this?
3rd-I got attacked by a reborn with saber staff,but after a quick skirmish he switched it to dual sabers!Once the opposite has happened-dual sabers to saber staff!
4th-Why there is a cultist_destroyer NPC in the files,but not in the game?

If someone can answer them all I will be very grateful
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