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Pool of Blood/Empty Quest on Nar Shadaa??

So Im pretty sure this is TSLRCM content (I have 1.7), but I have no idea. I just know it wasn't in my vanilla game, at least I dont think so.

So I get on Nar Shadaa, and in the area near Tien Tubb's shop, where theres seems to be a bar/hangout, I find a pool of blood. I also find a bag near that puddle of blood. While I can select both items, nothing happens when I do.

There is also another item that I can pick up titled "lost datapad" that contains some sort of old key?? and a "high tech footlocker" containing another "nameless datapad" with a message about someone hiding items in the footlocker and trying to hide before the Exchange finds them and then it gets cut off mid message, as if that person was interrupted.

Now, I have a black quest in my quest list. Its just a blank space, as if a quest should be there, but theres no name in the title box, and the "details" box to the right is completely empty. I did agoogle search and didn't find anything.

Anyone know what I'm talking about or what it has to do with?
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