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I've chosen "Stick with Vornskr" right now but I'll explain my reasoning. There's a good chance that if I transfer I won't get certain names for my characters on the new server because they're already taken. When the server move list is updated and Vornskr happens to be a departure server instead of a destination server, then I'll be checking to see if key character names have been taken. If Lynk, Silvana, Priss or Fiora are taken then that's it, that is the end of swtor for me, I'll be cancelling my subscription in October which is when my 6months runs out and it's game over.

Of course, if by luck I get to keep all of my names, I'll consider transferring to the destination server (this is also based on the fact that we're allied with a number of other guilds called the "Casual Alliance" who are definitely moving if Vornskr is chosen as a departure server).

With or without me, you guys would probably need to transfer anyway so here's the process. First, we'd need to get all of the items out of the guild bank and all of the money. We'd need to empty out all of our mail boxes, take everything off of GTN and basically make sure we have everything stored in our inventory or cargo hold... if you don't, you lose whatever it is forever when you move your toons. Secondly, the guild will need to disband for the transfer (especially the guildmaster (me) since they've set it that the guildmaster of a guild can't be transfered). Of course, since we have two guilds on both sides, we'd have to do this twice over...

Now as I said before, you can all do this with or without me cause depending on how things go, I may QUIT the game forever. I know it seems like a rash thing to do, and I would've followed this game through hell and back, but character names are a pretty huge deal for me.

Some of you will have to come up with new toon names, some may have to come up with new legacy names, some may not be playing the game any more and may not join the rest of the folks on the new server.

If everything goes a lot better than I think it'll go, then I guess I'll see you all on the other side... if not, then it's goodbye forever on swtor :\ |

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