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Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
I still have some characters on own other server. Is there any hope I can transfer them to this server or what ever one we move to? Its a pvp-rp server. it's on the transfer from list now.
This Character Transfer only allows transfers to servers of the same type (and even then only to a specific server), so the answer would be "no". Later Character Transfers will let you move your toons more freely, but you'll have to pay for that.

On Vornskr: I initially wanted to stay no matter what, since I'm quite attached to my legacy name, but I figured I wouldn't be enjoying the game as much as I do if it wasn't for the guild, so I'm choosing to go where the guild goes, whether it's staying or going, but it may make more sense for the guild to move if it comes to a choice. I'll let the powers that be decide, though.

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