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I'm doing my transfer for the 2 toons I have on my east coast server. They are my test dumbies since I really haven't played them lately - mostly been on the Vornk one where the guild is.

EDIT: I transferred my 3 east coast Toons.
I didn't get any messages on any issue related to the characters name? I'm assuming it was ok or they will ask for me to change it when i log in to use them?

I will know in an hour when i go back on the server to see how it went.
Will keep you guys posted to give everyone an idea how it works in case the Vornskr is later selected to server transfer.

EDIT2: yea I had to change the names on gliding my Legacy name.
I by pass the lost if names with the Nate-Tanik. Basically I kept the first name and added the - and a lastname :-)

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