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I need to pay closer attention to the polls. I'm a bit late, but whatever...

I voted Tim Burton's

I like the character development of Bruce Wayne in the new films, but Tim Burton just made Batman look so awesome. Plus, the Batmobile was ten times better looking in the Burton movies. The new Batmobile, while cool, isn't as iconic. It could be in the GI Joe movies and fit perfectly, but Burton's Batmobile is THE Batmobile. There's no mistaking it for Butch's new joyrider. I think that's true of many things in the new movies, they just don't scream "Batman" quite as much, though I think that's somewhat the point to make it a bit more "real" or whatever.

I also voted for the Donner Superman movies. Christopher Reeve is Superman and, just as important, Margot Kidder set the bar for Lois Lane way over the top of the bar jumping...thingy. It's a shame that movies three and four took such sharp nosedives, but the first two are great movies.

The last movie I voted for is Watchmen. The only modern movie to get my vote. I think like a lot of people, I saw the trailers and thought "so, it's a parody?" Nope. Though the heroes are based on other characters but, it's not about them. It's about the people under the masks and is the most realistic super hero movie ever made from a purely humanistic standpoint. I think it does a great job of looking at what kind of person would be a super hero and how the public would react to them. Oh, and of course there's Rorschach who makes Wolverine look like the poster boy for the Boy Scouts.

So there are my (late to the party) votes and reasons. I like most comic movies, but few are much better than popcorn movies. The ones I voted for, I feel, really stand the test of time and have that quality that makes them stick with you long after the credits roll.

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