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Three decades ago, humanity was at war - with itself. The Prospector War, as it was dubbed, was instigated by the Prospectors - alarmed with the sudden shift of government into an elitist oligarchy. It ended with the Prospectors being quashed and referred to as a terrorist group - or so the government thought.

Much of the Prospectors' early history is shrouded in mystery - even to the Government. However, it is common knowledge to those who are within its ranks. It was founded by General George Winston, whom was one of the Leader's advisors. He became worried with the shifting of the Governmental structure - knowing that it was turning into a dictatorship. In response, he left the Government with all of the information that he knew - as well as the hundreds of thousands of soldiers that were under his command, which was approximately 1/5 of the Government armies. Had he remained, he would have become one of the Leader's Proctors - along with the other advisors.

This fighting force became the progenitors of what would become the Prospectors. Using hit-and-run tactics, and having many underground installations - they created much havoc for the relatively unorganized, colossal Government armies. However, the weaknesses of his army soon caught up with him. Even though they were more organized - they were still heavily outnumbered, and they had the same training. Therefore, the Government armies were essentially just a much larger version of Winston's army. Winston was forced to pull back his forces - eventually setting them onto Heaston, one of Gehenna's moons. It was then that he realized that the war had claimed nearly half of his men's lives.

It was there where they built their intricate network of subterranean tunnels, massive underground installations, and their main base - 'The Web'. It was nicknamed so due to the web of trenches and tunnels that surrounded it. The base was built into the heart of a brobdingnagian mountain - twice the size of Olympus Mons. It had two main entrances, both heavily defended - with layer upon layer of machine gun nests, rocket nests, sniper towers, and Anti-Air Batteries, including the trenches, tunnels, and scout/recon patrols. Taking 'The Web' would require a massive military effort - with extreme casualties. Even nuking the mountain would do little, as even though it may collapse the entrances - much of 'The Web' is miles under the mountain, and it is also connected to all of the tunnels. It was also surrounded by a GFG (Gravity Field Generator), an invisible shield that redirected any projectiles that were within range - which Winston found in one of the Government's experimental blueprints, years before. Construction of 'The Web' took nearly two decades to completely finish.

During construction, Winston restructured his military. Each and every soldier went through rigorous training - one that put 21st century America's NAVY SEALS to shame. They were bred into dubbed 'supersoldiers', and were outfitted as such. They were given full bodysuits of armor, with a standard bulletproof mesh. The colors and equipment of each armor was different for each specialization - and even then, each armor was custom to the individual.

There were 6 specializations: Soldier, Hazard, Toxic, Shadow, Commando, and Spec-Ops. The Soldiers were the basic infantry, trained to fight in all theaters of war. Hazards were the Prospectors' equivalent of HAZMAT. Toxics were the soldiers that specialized in toxins and biological warfare. Shadows specialized in espionage, sniping, sabotage, program slicing, reconnaissance, and assassination. They were notorious for their onyx-black armor, stealth field generators, and wrist-blades. In fact, there were several Shadows that worked as spies in the Government. Commandos were often the commanders of ground forces. Spec-Ops were Winston's advisors, and were only seen fighting in the most important military operations.

The Prospectors were not without their weaknesses, though. They had exhausted the resources of the moon when they constructed 'The Web'. Therefore, they had to make due with what armor, ammunition, and weapons that they had. The plus side to that was that they learned how to not waste supplies. Also, the only soldiers that they had were the soldiers that survived the Great Civil War. They had no way of replenishing their men once they were killed.

They then started to send troops to Gehenna, in order to utilize its resources. They - much like the Government - were attacked by Can'Tores, except that they were actually able to kill all of the primitives. It was soon after that they noticed large military installations on the planet - realizing that the Government was on the planet as well - but unaware of its moon. They have been causing havoc for the already distracted military ever since - taking advantage of their inferior training and tactics.


George Winston sat at his desk, the soft humming of the computer systems oddly soothing. He stared past the blue holoscreen, his mind purely blank. Bryon Shea, Winston's right-hand-man, walked into his office.

"Sir, the others are waiting for you.", he said.

"I know. I'll be in the War Room in a moment.", Winston replied.

He watched as Bryon turned around and walked down the hallway. He pushed himself out of his seat, and walked down the hallway behind him. He heard his footsteps reverberate in the metal hallways, echoing withing the massive mountain. He was still amazed at this technological marvel, it was something that the Government could never think of constructing. They were too busy making colossal military installations, ones that stood out in the landscape and were easily exposed. Artillery would have destroyed them long ago, were it not for the GTGs and EMP Emitters.

He walked into the War Room, a gigantic circular room, with a plethora of computer screens along the walls. In the center, there was a large circular holoprojector, which was used to bring up a holo-image of virtually anything. He leaned on one end of the holoprojector, while the four other Spec-Ops stood around it.

"As we all know, we have little resources to maintain our army. On Gehenna, the Government's military, as well as the Can'Tores, make it too much of a hassle to extract resources.", Bryon said, starting the meeting.

"Well then, what do you propose we do?", Winston asked.

"We send someone to hijack a Laurus Supply Liner. It only has a small security team patrolling it - due to it only being a cargo ship. Their military training is even less than that of the Government's military. One Shadow should be able to handle it.", Bryon replied, watching as a three-dimensional image of an LSL appear above the holoprojector.

An LSL is a gigantic cargo ship, three times the size of the Titanic - and is used to deliver supplies to Gehenna.

"And what are we going to do when he hijack it? Just turn it around towards the moon? That's going to attract a lot of attention.", criticized Mark Petré, a frequent critic of Bryon.

"No. We land it on the Peguae Airfield. The Shadow could sneak his way into the Command Center and disable the GFG surrounding it.", Bryon replied.

"But doing so would alert the entire orbital fleet!", exclaimed Jack Orwell.

"Look.", Damon Faulkner stated, bringing up a three-dimensional image of the entire airfield. "There are a dozen AA guns that surround the perimeter of the airfield. The Shadow could override the AA guns from the Command Center and cause them to open fire onto the alerted fleet - destroying them when they come into orbit."

"How powerful are these guns?", asked Jack.

"They're the same type as ours.", replied Winston.

Type 32B AA Guns fire massive tungsten projectiles, using a linear system of magnetic fields coils down a long shaft, increasing the projectile's velocity until it carries an incredible amount of kinetic energy.

"But what about Hotbase? We don't have the resources to take it, and they are going to be on high alert.", asked Bryon.

"We'll send a distraction team to deal with them. Three Shadows, two Soldiers, a Toxic, and a Commando.", replied Winston.

"What's the point of sending them if we aren't going to take it? Why not send everything we've got?", asked Mark.

"We're not wasting everything we have on a military operation we're not even sure that we could win. We just don't have the resources. Not yet.", replied Bryon.

"So you'll waste dozens of men only for distracting the Government? Are we all just numbers to you?", shouted Mark.

"If they don't distract Hotbase, the entire military will be pouring onto the Airfield once we start sending our reinforcements. We'll lose thousands!", exclaimed Bryon.

"Uhh, before everyone gets fed up, who are we sending to hijack the LSL?", asked Damon.

"Matthew Harris.", Winston replied. "Spec-Ops, dismissed."

The funniest thing about this sentence is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's too late to stop reading it.

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