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Arrow Vornskr --> The Harbinger | Server Transfer confirmed

So it's official, Vornskr players will be "voluntarily" moving to another PvE West server called The Harbinger, so what does this mean for our guilds?

Well, most of the active players on the Republic side are moving, basically they'll be transferring their character to The Harbinger and reforming the guild when they get to the other side... as for the Imperial side, we haven't really decided what to do there.

They call this a voluntary transfer but really they're trying to move as many people off of the lower population servers as possible so they can then close them down some time down the track. This will mean that either way, you're going to have your character moved one way or the other, so it's best to take this opportunity to have all of your toons on Vornskr transferred to The Harbinger with everyone else.

Me... I'm not moving any of my toons from Vornskr... I've actually unsubscribed from the game. I have 120 days left and then that's it for me, no more The Old Republic for Lynk Former.

For more information about the character transfers, read this entry on the official site: |

Ch1 | Ch2 | Ch3 | Ch4 coming soon...
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