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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
Nihilus and the Sith feed on Force sensitives, not the wound created by the Exile right? They themselves are wounds.
I only meant it in the metaphorical sense. They learned their power to feed on Jedi from the wound.
Her death WAS a part of her plans to end the Force right? She wanted the Exile to kill her, which would send out echoes (whether this plan was a sound one or not is a different matter).
No, I don't believe so. I believe she wanted the Exile to kill her because she views that as an apprentice's final test. Even if she wants to kill the Force, Kreia believes in the Sith teachings to some extent. It's also a bit of an ego trip, as it's the goal of any teacher for their student to surpass them; when you're someone who can kill people with your brain, killing you is the only possible proof. Twisted, I know.
Why would HER death seal the wound at Malachor? She has nothing to do with Malachor right? It's the Exile who's related to Malachor.
She was Darth Traya once. She was the headmistress of the Trayus Academy. She taught Sion and Nihlius there. She taught Revan, who designed the wound there, the wound that corrupted all his followers. She's very much connected to Malachor.
And it is the destruction of Malachor that sealed the wound, not Kreia's death right?
Well no... mainly it's the Exile facing Malachor. The destruction might be a part of it as a final act to completely wipe out the memory of what happened there, to forget the past and look to the future. But Kreia's death serves the same purpose, on a more personal level.

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