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Voice Actors, Python Scripters. Wanted!

I am making a game using blender, and python. The game is in early development (A few models, a rough story, and the beginnings of a cutscene).

Myself - 3D Modelling, Texture Design, Python.
Kedhed - Concept Art, Level Design, Cutscene Writer.
Qarx - Voice Acting.
sorasgoof - Voice Acting.
GamerShelke - Voice Acting.
Rikuthemaster - Voice Acting.
Zetpk - Modelling, Texturing.

We have a modDB profile, which will feature pictures, videos, and news. This will be visible when we have completed the first Cut Scene.

We share enough skills to make the game ourselves, but to insure it is finished in this lifetime, we are requesting assistance from anyone with any useful skills.

For those interested in more details, we're not committing many details, as they are possibly going to change in the next couple of weeks. All we shall say at the moment is:
- It's an RPG
- It's fully 3D
- It's fully voiced
- Models and textures being created
- It's comical
- The game will feature explosions.

Send me a PM if you wish to make a contribution (all help welcomed)

Don't be put off by the amount of Voice Actors. We need loads. We need lots more!
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