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How to gain influence with Mira in order to train her for a Jedi?

i know there is a lots of walkthroughts for that but none of them is working for me. Most of them says that all influence can be gained just by one single talk and this is not true at all in my situation.
i`ve talked with mira in all possible ways including life debt of wookie, why she dont want to kill, what is the story of lost family, why is she so restless on ebon hawk and why is she so comfortable on her planet. I gained influence only once and this is enought only for wookie-story but not enought to show her this jedi version of what nar shada feels like. She refuses to be trained due to low influence. There is also no other way i can provoke good relations coz im allready near the end of the game. What should i do?
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