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A Request To LucasArts - LUA Scripts For SWBF1

Hello LucasArts, I am a modder/player for the game Star Wars Battlefront 1, and I have been wondering, since all of the SWBF2 LUA scripts for common.lvl and shell.lvl have been released, would it be possible for LucasArts to also release the common and shell LUA scripts for SWBF1?

The game is quite old now, with much less players online than there used to be, and I believe if we had access to mod the LUA scripts we could make the game a lot more enjoyable for what few players are still left. For example, the file ifs_pc_spawnselect.lua would allow us to add more than five units to the spawn menu.

Please release these files LucasArts, the swbf1 community would appreciate it very much.
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