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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Since both LFN guilds have moved to The Harbinger, it's been opened up to a much larger PvP userbase which means there's quite a lot of activity in open world PvP and Warzones.

Are you suggesting the guilds get more involved with that or are you suggesting that people start a new guild on a PvP server? Your opening post is extremely vague.
More the latter, but I was unaware PvE could encompass PvP?

I have some things on my mind, just trying to get a clearer picture of the digital landscape before making any big decisions.

I was thinking along these lines:
Main division
4 guilds total
2 guilds PvP and 2 guilds PvE; I'd be interested in making PvP somewhat open and I'd give familiar people first option.
Joker Division
2 guilds (further details as things develop)

Main division:
slightly more serious than joker division

PvP would be open.

The PvE are for people I know IRL who may or may not play well with others and aren't big joiners.

Joker division:
2 guilds. Probably on a desolate server. As you guessed it these ones are for screwing off and possibly for... *cough* filming. I guess I can go into details if you'd like.

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