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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by JasraLantill View Post
I understand his reasons for not transferring, but I've sort of come to think of him as LF's TOR vanguard superhero--and it makes me feel a bit sad that he won't be there this time.
miss him too, but I look at it as Lynk quit on us, we did not quit on him....

While I am trying to understand and most likely would have felt similar if Bremiaha had to have a name change. Unlike Lynk, I am not known by that name outside of the game, but in the moments I was transferring her without knowing if the name was available or not, I realized just how attached to that name I had become. 50 levels solo with a healer would make anyone somewhat attached to a name.

Still the game must go on.... As to the time, we can pretty much set whatever hours we need... I have no problems even doing the phases more than once since I can bring a alt. May even kill a world boss or two as we hunt for datacrons if everyone is game.

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