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Game cant find the Textures ..

Hallo FirmusPiett.
I had too the exact same problem, and I think this is a path Issue.
When you export with 3DS Max to .alo, the Exporter seems to save a path information, which links to the current Texture INTO the .alo File.

I Mean you probably load the Texture from the Desktop into 3DS and export after that to .alo. So 3ds saves a path into the .alo File, wich targets the Desktop - ( or any other false location ) and the Game cand find things on the Desktop at all. That is the Failure.
The green Models just mean that the Game cant find the Textures !
So you dont need to remove any bumpmaps.

You probably just drop the model into its Mod Folder and run the Game.
When you re just dropping a AOR modell into your own Mod Folder it wont work aswell, becouse the Texturepaths of the MESHBUMPCOLORIZE.FX in the .alo model are pointing to the AOR modfolder. So they should get exchanged.

Now, to solve the Problem, I think that you should just copy all used Textures into the folder of your Mod, ( the path the Game should use ) BEFORE you load the Textures from there with 3DS, and export after that. This will give the Game the right path.
Then test if the textures work correctly.

If this dont work, You could drop the Textures into the Original Starwars Data/Art/Textures Folder, and load it with 3DS Max from there.
And give it a new try, this time from the Original Game Folder.

I cant remember how exactly I fixed this Issue, but i Think that did the trick.

PS. Im sorry for bad english and horrible spelling, Im no nativespeaker ...
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