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or rather this

Ups ..
I forgot to say that ther is still a other Error Reason too
This could rather be your Issue then my last post.

Youre probably just assigning the Textures with 3DS to the Modell end exporting it, without shaders. But the point is, that the Game needs the Shaders in order to display any Textures. So, no Shaders - no Textures.

You have to use the Shaders of the Game. I think you can get them when you install the Map Editor, it schould be installed in the Game Directory.
Or just google for them "Starwars eaw 3ds Max Shaders".

So, when you are done with the Modelling in 3DS, the Textures dont work without the Shaders, which are contained in .fx Files or .fxo Files.

3DS Max 8 needs them as .fxo Files.
3DS Max 6 and 9 needs .fx Files
But actually there is no difference between the two formats, just rename the .fxo Files to .fx.

You have to drop the Shader.fx Files into the C:\Programs\Autodesk\3ds Max 9\maps\fx Folder of 3DS Max.

Then open 3DS Max and go to the Texture Browser-->Standard-->DirectX Shader ( prompt discard old Material ) - and then click on the Material Tab down to pick a texture ( which has to be in the right modfolder, and NOT on the Desktop ).
The default Shader for Ships is called MESHBUMPCOLORIZE.FX or as alternate one MESHGLOSS.FX, which dont need any bumpmaps.
And the one that you will need for Shields is MESHSHIELD.FX
And for the Collision Mesh use MESHCOLLISION.FX ( Without a Collisionmash the Game dont shows any Hardpoints ).

Here you can find some a tutorial about how to use the Shaders :

Hope this helps you out. I know, it is a long text, but i rather whrite much and we fix the Issue then messing around with tiny comments.
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