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Alrighty, I did some more research about placeable animations (k1). Going under the assumption that you are trying to get your character to sit in a chair that you placed in a model, I believe there something I can do for you. Each siting character has their own model so I would assume they have their own animations(for example, there exists a commoner model that is the regular model for all the other animations-n_commm/f. There is also a placeable for the commoner- l_commm/f). If you want a new model to have the sitting animations (it would be best if you specified the type of sitting animations- drinking, playing pazzak, etc). just tell me and I'll add them to a model, rename it, and specify it in placeable.2da, and send it to you. You'll have to create the utp though. If it doesn't work than my theory is wrong and sitting characters are impossible to put in the game.

On another note right now I am trying to match up animations. once I do that I will release.

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