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I find if I go to nar shaddaa last or next to last, my character will have the needed awareness and such.

I've never been able to pull off a darkside game where I get her AND am able to fight Zez Kai Ell while he is at his most formidable using the Juyo form. Partly because once the final sequence is initiated, you cannot leave nar shadda and you don't get her until then.

You can only fulfill 2 of 3: you can play a darkside game and fight zez kai ell while he uses juyo but it has to be the last jedi master you meet and by then your influence will be too dark for mira to want to join you.

You can have a darkside game and have mira join but you won't get to fight the most formidable [edit:VERSION OF] zez kai ell.

And obviously you can't not have a dark side game if you kill zez kai ell.

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