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@FG- I just checked and it should be possible. I just need to create combat animations for Ithorians. Unfortunately, it will only have either one animation type- melee, unarmed, or ranged. So what type of animations should Ithorians have?

@SH- Yep, all the animations for TSL are on one model. I tried it before and it worked. It is even compatible for tslrcm as I created my own lean animation. Note-the lean animation is not a 1:1 copy but (shameless plug) it looks cool non the less. I recommend you install after tslrcm.

On another note for TSL, I discovered a hide weapons during dialog mod. This mod is incompatible with my upcoming mod. So what I'll do is tweak the animations.2da that I use to hide the weapons also unless there is a general uproar not to.

It's just like chicken-only different.
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