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As reported last week I found out (By going over to the local library to go online) that the fault with SWK, which has still not been fixed is with the site. If anyone here can contact whoever their IT person is, please let me know, because it's been six weeks with no joy on my end using the staff listing. To emulate Mel Brooks, I sent a nasty note to Machievelli and he told me he couldn't help, and why didn't I bother someone who could?

So here we are. Let's look at this week's offerings...

From we have Treymane with Broken Worlds

Over at kotorfanmedia we have Mellyna's reprise pick
The Last Farewell Lotus Rose with
After A Day's Work Part 1 Scythe404 with What Was Lost
Scythe404 and the Best of the week with Dwwoooo followed by Allronix's reprise Pick “Almost Dawn”

Well, triple digits a month early, and expected. I will be back next week.

Signing off...

Alphabet Soup

TSL Aboard Ebon Hawk: Bao Dur supports his General

The piece flow very well. The idea that no matter how strong or superior you are, you need support from others comes through very well.

A Mandalorian's Honour

Set after Revelations: Still stunned by the revelation on Leviathan, Revan supports Mando'a honor first.

You see a Revan literally split inside herself dealing with another's problem first. The royal we was used throughout, as if her mind had to come to a consensus to decide anything, yet she understood where Canderous did not. I was not moved by the explanation given by Canderous, however. His action, while not the vainglorious one assumed by Jagi still left me wondering why he didn't attempt to save Jagi's survivors after the fact. An interesting take on the scene.

Dragon Pearl

Post KOTOR: With the mission completed, Bastila faces a harder challenge, facing her dying mother.

Unfortunately I did not have time to read more than the first chapter; the piece was getting interesting with the two woman still ripping at each other as if the brief reconciliation had never happened. Yet you know from the internal dialogues that both of them want to reconcile. It's just a matter of how.

The Story of the Men
Adventurous Putty

Pre KOTOR: The past examined during the New Republic.

The piece started out interesting, the prologue enough to draw me in. But it has yet to be completed. The Jedi council allowing Revan to search the news to keep track didn't make sense. If they are dead set against family relationships, why would they allow him to keep tracking a war they are dead set on not joining?

Broken Worlds

Post TSL: While the Exile goes in search of Revan, he leaves the hard work to those he leaves behind.

Remember conversation breaks. There was only one time you missed it, and I have seen professionals do so, so it's just a comment.

Odd sentence structure; 'I'm doubtless the others thought me weak,' should probably have been 'No doubt the others thought me weak,'.

This was written seven years ago, so no doubt you have gotten better since then.

Another of those pieces where I wish I had time to read it all; the leave taking was well done, and the signs of new problems well done.

Pick of the Week

Strength of Brothers Part 1
Fires of Mordor

During the post Clone Wars period: A fugitive from another galaxy meets a clone and Jedi

Technical note: The biggest stumbling block I had was the main character coming from a different galaxy. In our own case here in the Milky way, our nearest galactic neighbor (Before the discovery of the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy in 1994) the large Magellanic Cloud lies about 160,000 light years away, while the small Magellanic Cloud is around 200,000. Even SAG DEG is 50,000 light years away from our galaxy and 70,000 light years away from Earth's position.

That equates to decades of travel if you were using the warp drive of Star Trek, and even using the unexplained hyperdrive of Star Wars, more than the seven years mentioned.

The piece was too short to get a good feel, but the characters are well defined. I just wish you had done more with it.


The Last Farewell

Originally reviewed 7 April 2006. That review (Which was not posted to the thread at the time) is below:

Set somewhere during the interim of KOTOR II. Revan says goodbye to the Ebon Hawk

This is the second time mellyna has graced my maundering. The piece is short but sweet. Too short to really satisfy, but well done.

Reprise Pick of the Week

After A Day's Work Part 1
Lotus Rose

TSL Behind the Scenes: The actors relax from their roles, but there is still trouble

The piece blindsided me when they cut the death scene, and from there slapped me again and again. Having more than one Exile made sense, since you have about a dozen of each sex to choose from for your character. I don't have time to hunt the rest down and read it, but I anticipate at least one scene where a female Exile is in a lip lock with a Male one, and the resulting commentary from others who happen to see it.

Pick of the Week

What Was Lost

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: Atton gets advice and consolation from an unexpected source.

An interesting take since most of the byplay between the two characters is acrimonious to the extreme. Atton always acts like the Pride leader when he sees Mical on the horizon, as if he must defend his property from all comers. To have the younger man literally say 'go for it you idiot!' is just too perfect.

Mical's own memories of the Exile herself giving him the words of wisdom that move the pilot is poignant; he knows in his heart that she does not him, and is stepping aside for the one she can love.

Pick of the Week

“Almost Dawn”

Originally reviewed 21 April 2006. That review is below:

A missing scene from Kotor II. Carth and Canderous team up to rescue Revan

This is the fifth time Allronix has been reviewed by me. It just keeps getting better.

Reprise Pick of the Week


TSL Aboard Ebon Hawk: Atton has ticked off everyone on board, and there is time for payback...

I have an extremely retentive memory; shows I have not seen in decades are still there for me to remember. That being said, the piece reminded me of an episode of the old Night Gallery TV show I saw exactly once; The Sins of the Fathers/You Can't Get Help Like That Anymore.

A couple buy a new robot maid to replace their old one. The mechanics list damage caused not by accidents but abuse. So they send out a new model with a new set of instructions. When Broadrick Crawford and Cloris Leachman (The Fultons) begin abusing the new robot played by Lana Wood, she deals with them just as Atton is about to be dealt with.

As more than one reviewer commented, freaky.

Pick of the Week

I Killed Her Because I Loved Her

Pre TSL on Dxun: When he killed that last Jedi...

The piece was short and a bit alarming. To have her put into his mind her emotions, and his reaction to it makes me wonder what would have happened if the Exile had told him she loved him, especially with Kreia there to make history repeat itself.

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