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I suppose it's lucky I got to keep everything when I went to Jedi Covenant from Telos Restoration Project. Legacy name and all toon names. Quidon, Ilson, and V'dori.
All safe and sound on a standard to heavy pop server..
Rocking V'dori at the moment..35th lvl and on Alderaan, so I'm good.
The guild I could care less about..cause they could care less about me. I have 2 friends that I made on TRP that transferred more or less with me that I hang out with regularly. But one I lost in the transfer, Lilla, from Canada..she had her baby right before the server transfers and I havent seen her since. Hope she gets back on at some point and makes the'd be wonderful to see her.

And as far as my guild...don't care. Even if Quidon(50) left's a much higher pop server so I feel like it's a wide-open fresh start. I'll meet more cool ppl eventually.
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