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Oh, I'll probably consider the lighter version then.

Hmm, the source code was never released for Jedi Outcast? I thought those things you install with the editing tools contained something like that. With folders like code, cgame, game, gamesource and so on. Well, if the singleplayer is impossible to change the code on... what kind of things can I really accomplish without changing code?

I suppose adding NPCs, behavior, animation, scripts, cinematics and such is possible only with GTKradiant and the editing tools. But actually stitching these levels together to a single player campaign... like, setting the player model at the start of the level, receiving or starting with different kinds of equipment, completing a level, going to the next map. Or even have new weapons (for example a new weapon model, and changing the shot efx should be possible, but to actually make it an own weapon with its own properties, like shot speed, damage and so on), and the slight possibility of adding vehicles? Do you think I could have any or most of this without actually changing the code which doesn't exist?
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