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Ok I see! No probs. I saw a guy who had made some (small) single player campaign called Eve of Redemption for JKA, so I'm confident I'll have the chance as well.

I think it's not a root bone, but some root tags/dummys, which I have. I've named the bones myself, like the tutorial said. For the duck model I made, I applied one single texture on all the body parts, and it worked fine. I only segmented it for the sake of JK2 formalities, for all I know... I've now reached the step where I've put in all the bones in my model, and all the tags required as far as I know - bolt_driver and bolt_muzzleX and the dummys "XSISceeneRoot", "B:modelroot", "skeleton_root", and "mesh_root" . I'm not sure quite yet how it will animate, but I guess I will experiment with that before exporting. But, what I'm wondering is, do I have to segment this model, if it animates just fine without segments? That way, I could weight the model and keep adjusting weights/bones and not have to redo the whole segmentation every time. Looking at other NPCs from the assets, they're all segmented though, same goes for a vehicle I found in a player made map (can't find the vehicles in the JKA assets).

What made me think of this, was this image in the tutorial:
I'm thinking, if I'm supposed to have many body parts, I need to return to this part after weighting, animating and segmenting - but do I really need to segment?
If I don't have to, it will become more like: skeleton root > pelvis > all other bones, connected to the pelvis.
mesh root > body (or "dragon") and no more sub parts, because it's only one model.

However, if I actually must segment, is there any codex on how I should segment it, and what to name them, like in player models? (I'm guessing not).

A picture for a clearer evaluation - skeleton, and mesh moved aside:

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