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Originally Posted by Ferc Kast View Post
I'm almost tempted to get this bundle when released, if only to have 1-disc version of KotOR II.

Someone who has used the Windows 8 publicly released betas would know. But, to save someone else's time and energy, I tried using KotOR I & II on Windows 8 Release Preview, which is supposed to be a release candidate for Windows 8, a few months ago. The results were that my Best of PC KotOR I and regular KotOR II still worked properly. So, it should still be compatible when the retail version of Windows 8 comes this fall. If nothing changes, the steps used to get the KotOR series working on Windows 7 will be the same for making them work on Windows 8. Thus, I'm sure this bundle will also be compatible with Windows 8.
Well, that's good then. No, I have not used Windows 8 yet, and your right those who have used the beta would know. I haven't even spent a huge amount on 7 to be honest either, I just know that there are compatibility issues for lots of older hardware/software

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