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Thanks... will give it a try

Would be very handy if it works...

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Sorry for double-post but...

Worked like a charm. And made me realize I made an error too in my previous mod using TSLPatcher which I should fix...

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Okay, new question. I have a lot of smaller mods on deadlystream, and plan to make many more. Eventually I want to compile them all into one installer so I don't take up so much space in the downloads section .

I know you can use TSLPatcher to set up many different installs, which is why I'll make this installer with tslpatcher, using a different info.rtf and changes.rtf per mod.
Is there some way that allows users to checkmark multiple mod installs at the same time and then run them all? Or do they *have* to restart the installer after each mod for the next mod...?
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