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Firstly, I just want to say I hate you all for making me post in this cesspool...

Originally Posted by Q View Post
Dunno. I suspect that crashing an entire ISP is beyond their means.
Speaking of one group trying to destroy an ISP because of copyright infringement issues...

Awhile back a bunch of big Hollywood studios (all of them practically) and friends sued my ISP for not doing enough to stop copyright infringements down in here in Australia. For those who don't know, iiNet is the second largest service provider down here in Australia, second only to Telstra (though at the beginning of the movie studios attack on them they were third largest), but in terms of a "size comparison" to companies in the US, they're a very small fish.

iiNet won against the movie studios and in the appeals that followed. They weren't counting on iiNet to actually fight back because as so happens a lot down here, companies just roll over and die or be absorbed by the US companies that come after them which is why every brand that started as an Australian company down here is an American company now.

If iiNet had lost then this would hold true with them too because they wouldn't have had the money to actually pay for the damages that this huge collection of movie studios demanded. But they fought, and they won and it wasn't easy considering this thing lasted for quite a few years with the movie studios not giving up their attack.

As far as I'm concerned, my ISP has earned my respect and I'm sticking with them no matter what. |

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